Midnight Fantasy

Screenplay by Brandon M. Wyse
Story by Fay E. Simon & Brandon M.Wyse Concept Art by Greg Palko @palkodesigns 

GENRE: Romantic Comedy

Logline: A high-strung woman hopes to ward off the advances of a love-struck co-worker by placing a spell on him that backfires and gets them both to question their very identities.

Midnight Fantasy is in the vein of “Practical Magic” meets “Knocked-Up.”  Tricia Meade thinks she knows exactly what she wants in life and it’s not her annoying co-worker Desmond Mallay.  Desmond’s sweet and good-looking but that doesn’t matter to Tricia.  He won’t take no for an answer so Tricia seeks out her Aunt Abby who owns a magick shop.  Tricia doesn’t really believe in magick but figures it’s a better alternative than murdering Desmond for his puerile advances.

Aunt Abby gives Tricia a ring to give to Desmond, which she does under the guise it’s a friendship ring.  Then, strange things begin to happen; they both end up sharing fantasy dreams of each other as pirates, burglars, and Bonnie and Clyde like scenarios – and they’re both having them at the same time.  Things have gone from bad to worse for Tricia.  But things are literally about to take on a life of their own…

Overnight Desmond transforms into a romantic leading male superstar in blockbuster films and Tricia is his co-star and love interest in them all.  Desmond and Tricia seem to be the only ones that know they are not the characters in these films.  Desmond’s mom becomes an overnight pre-madonna that needs seawood masks like most people drink coffee.  Desmond’s slacker friend Zach is a permanent fixture in his five million dollar home that he didn’t even know existed two days ago.

A few days later, Tricia comes under the spell and believes she is the movie star on the screen.  Desmond’s agents, mother, and friends think Desmond is losing it and going under the sway of Joaquin Phoenix, and Shia Leboulf when he had the bag on his head stunt that read, “I’m not Famous Anymore.”  Desmond’s agents even want him to seek out a shrink now that a TMZ like show is making him the dunce of Hollywood and producers are backing out of contracts with him like Mike Tyson after he had lunch with Evander Holyfield’s ear.

Desmond knows he’s not insane and he is not the character in these movies.  He was broke just a few days earlier.  He can’t even get Tricia to believe him.  The icing on the cake is Desmond is engaged to his idol, best-selling author, the insatiably gorgeous Rapheal Diamond.  Rapheal is everyone man’s fantasy and every woman’s worse nightmare, Trish included.

But Tricia is starting to fall in love with Desmond’s down home, genteel manner that fame can’t tame.  Desmond doesn’t want this new life, but will he be able to convince Tricia he’s not who she thinks he is; or will “America’s greatest on-screen love interests” be broken under the spell?  They may truly lose who they are trying to find themselves.